Night vision goggles NV/G-14

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Product description

The device is designed for surveillance and orientation on the ground, aiming at the target of the weapon in low light conditions and in total darkness. The main advantage of these goggles is the minimum length along the optical axis and a small mass, which allows to significantly reduce fatigue in the long work. Also, a special arrangement that provides the possibility of aiming from small arms using a collimator sight. The built-in IR illuminator provides additional illumination when working in total darkness - in dark rooms, caves, etc. The glasses allow you to aim from small arms using an infrared laser target designator and a collimatoric sight. The hermetic body of the product is filled with dry nitrogen to prevent fogging of optical surfaces in times a sudden change in temperature. The product is completed with a helmet-mask, carrying bag, spare power supplies. At the customer's request, night vision goggles are will equipped with an adapter for military helmets and helmets of various modifications.


Electron-optical converter (image intensifier) - generation 2+

Visible magnification, times - 1

Angular field of view, ang. degree - 36

Limit of resolution, ang. min - 4,6

Interpupillary distance, mm - 66

Power supply, V - 3 (type ЛР 6 (АА))

Operating temperature range, deg. Celsius - -40 ... +50

Overall dimensions (glasses without a mask), mm - 157х68х80

Weight (glasses / masks), kg - 0,54 / 0,28


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